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Swank Magazine Back Issue - July 1998

Front Cover
Claudia is covergirl of Swank July 1998 magazine back issue

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Swank Magazine July 1998


6 Claudia
A hot blonde to open the festivities!
16 Letters
Our readers spout off!
20 Zoe & Josie
A sapphic desert romp!
28 Dial Nikki
Nikki's masquerade ballin'!
30 Angelique
This is one hot nympho!
38 Tales of The Unexplained: Macabre Miracle
Dead bodies that refuse to decompose!
42 Fresh Faces: Alex
Another new beauty to feast your eyes on!
50 Jenteal
The pornstar's sexy drive through Napa Valley!
52 Jessica & Peter
Open wide for an oral examination!
60 Threatened Wildlife
How much is that monkey in the window!
63 Ashlyn
Hot just got a little hotter!
74 Bad Girl: Barbara
Bad should always look this good!
80 Knight Moves
The lowdown on the cheating game!
83 Maryanne
Take a good, long look at this beauty!
90 Crash
A human fireball!
93 Brianna
Our centerfold bares it all — and then some!
105 Swank's Pranks
How funny can one page be?
107 Silvia,Toni, & Lee
Talk about Sex Ed. class!
116 Tess
This girl's a natural redhead — just take a look down below!
126 Aimee
This is one hot blonde!
193 Monique
One last hot babe to spread her legs!
200 Next Month
A preview of what's to cum!

Well, I got sex rhymes like Victoria's got secrets. To all you porno peepers who are trying to peep this, Swank's all about screwing.
A slight variation on the funky raps of the immortal Beastie Boys to get you thinking about that which humans think about once every ten seconds — sex. But we don't want you to simply ponder about sex. We want you to think about sex — hot, nasty sex — with a beautiful girl. Her gorgeous hair flowing over her full and supple breasts as you kiss down her stomach to her navel. From there, we want you to think about moving your lips down to her lovely ass and pussy. Further still, down her long, luscious legs to her sweet smelling, perfectly polished feet. Now open up your shiny new issue of Swank to feast your eyes on that very girl you were just picturing — naked and ready! Don't worry, we guarantee to have a girl for everyone. So, grab onto a favorite fantasy and flip to the page where the naked girl of your dreams is ready to help you live it out. This month we have...
Claudia, a hot blonde with expensive tastes. Except when it comes to sex — that she likes cheap and indecent. Then there's Angelique. She promises that any sexual fantasy you might have she's already experienced — twice. Maybe a petite, dirty-blonde is more your speed. In that case, don't miss Ashlyn. If she can't please you, no one will.
Maryanne has an insatiable appetite for sex and vows not to be outdone by anyone. For all you guys who have a thing for redheads, Tess is sure to leave you panting. If she doesn't do it for you, try Aimee — she does it for anyone. Then there's Monique, a gorgeous girl who knows how to please!
Maybe you're more of a voyeur. Maybe nothing gets you hotter than watching a hot couple (or threesome, or foursome...) go at it. Well, fear no more. The hottest couples are always in your Swank. This month we have Zoe & Josie — two beautiful women who discover all the pleasures of the flesh while on a camping trip in the desert. Be there to witness the girls' first experience with hot, lesbian love! Then take a seat in the dentist's chair and watch as Peter & Jessica give a whole new meaning to oral examination. Be sure to take notes when watching Silvia, Toni & Lee. These three are a long way from your high school Sex Ed. class.
Oh no, we don't stop there. We have three more cuties to tell you about. First up is Alex. She's the second girl to be featured in our new Fresh Faces section. Trust us when we tell you, she's going to be a big, bright, naked shining star in this business. Next up is Barbara, another in our long line of Bad Girls. This month's centerfold is Brianna. She's the stuff dreams are made of. In fact, you've probably dreamt about her already.
Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Not all the time. "Incorruptibles" are bodies that have been dead for many years, yet mysteriously remain intact. Find out what's behind this peculiar phenomenon. Endangered species on the brink of extinction are being sold for their parts — smuggled into other countries for top dollar. See why this is fast becoming the most lucrative black market enterprise — behind gambling and drugs.
Until next month!
The Editors
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